Jaume Veciana's Publications

  • [123] Self-Assembly of an Organic Radical Thin Film and its Memory Function Investigated Using a Liquid Metal Electrode.
    J. Phys. Chem. C. 2018, 122 (31), pp 17784–17791. 2018.
    D. Gutiérrez, S. Riera-Galindo, A. Murugan Rathamony, J. Veciana, C. Rovira, M. Mas-Torrent, and N. Crivillers.
  • [122] Surface-Bound Gradient Deposition of Protein Nanoparticles for Cell Motility Studies.
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    W. I. Tatkiewicz, J. Seras-Franzoso, E. Garcia-Fruitós, E. Vazquez, A.R. Kyvik, J. Guasch, A. Villaverde, J. Veciana, and I. Ratera.
  • [121] Design of Perchlorotriphenylmethyl (PTM) Radical‐Based Compounds for Optoelectronic Applications: The Role of Orbital Delocalization.
    ChemPhysChem 2018, 19, 1–8.
    V. Diez‐Cabanes, G. Seber, C. Franco, F. Bejarano, N. Crivillers, M. Mas‐Torrent, J. Veciana, C. Rovira, J. Cornil.
  • [120] Highly Stable and Red‐Emitting Nanovesicles Incorporating Lipophilic Diketopyrrolopyrroles for Cell Imaging.
    Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24, 1 – 8. 
    A. Ardizzone, D. Blasi, D. Vona, A. Rosspeintner, A. Punzi, E. Altamura, N. Grimaldi, S. Sala, E. Vauthey, G. M. Farinola, I. Ratera, N. Ventosa, J. Veciana.
  • [119] Tuning Spin-Spin Interactions in Radical Dendrimers.
    ChemPhysChem 2018, 19, 1 – 9.
    V. Lloveras, F. Liko, L. F. Pinto, J. L. Muñoz-Gómez, J. Veciana, and J. Vidal-Gancedo.
  • [118] Artificial 3D Culture Systems for T Cell Expansion.
    ACS Omega, 2018, 3 (5), pp 5273–5280.
    E. Pérez del Río, M. Martínez Miguel, J. Veciana, I. Ratera, and J. Guasch.
  • [117] Nanostructuring Lipophilic Dyes in Water Using Stable Vesicles, Quatsomes, as Scaffolds and Their Use as Probes for Bioimaging.
    SMALL, 14, 16, 1703851, 2018.
    Ardizzone, A; Kurhuzenkau, S; Illa-Tuset, S; Faraudo, J; Bondar, M; Hagan, D; Van Stryland, EW; Painelli, A; Sissa, C; Feiner, N; Albertazzi, L; Veciana, J.; Ventosa, N.
  • [116] Role of the Open-Shell Character on the Pressure-Induced Conductivity of an Organic Donor-Acceptor Radical Dyad.
    CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 24, 21, 5500-5505, 2018.
    Souto, M; Gullo, MC; Cui, HB; Casati, N; Montisci, F; Jeschke, HO; Valenti, R; Ratera, I; Rovira, C; Veciana, J.
  • [115] Stimuli-Responsive Functionalization Strategies to Spatially and Temporally Control Surface Properties: Michael vs Diels-Alder Type Additions.
    The journal of physical chemistry. B, 122, 16, 4481-4490. 2018.
    A. R. Kyvik, C. Luque-Corredera, D. Pulido, M. Royo, J. Veciana, J. Guasch, I. Ratera.
  • [114] Oligothienylenevinylene Polarons and Bipolarons Confinedbetween Electron-Accepting Perchlorotriphenylmethyl Radicals
    Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24,1–9 dic 2017
    Paula Mayorga Burrezo, Carlos Franco, Ruben Caballero, Marta Mas-Torrent, Fernando Langa, Juan T. López Navarrete, Concepcio Rovira, Jaume Veciana, and Juan Casado

  • [113] Robust organic radical molecular junctions using acetylene terminated groups for C-Au bond formation.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2018) 140, 1691–1696; DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b10019
    F. Bejarano, I. J. Olavarria-Contreras, A. Droghetti, I. Rungger, A. Rudnev, D. Gutiérrez, M. Mas-Torrent, J. Veciana, H. S. J. van der Zant, C. Rovira, E. Burzurí, and N. Crivillers

  • [112] "Redox-Induced Gating of the Exchange Interactions in a Single Organic Diradical"
    Gaudenzi, R; de Bruijckere, J; Reta, D; Moreira, IDPR; Rovira, C; Veciana, J; van der Zant, HSJ; Burzuri, E
    ACS NANO Volumen: 11  Número: 6  Páginas: 5879-5883. JUN 2017

  • [111] "Highly Fluorescent Silicon Nanocrystals Stabilized in Water Using Quatsomes"
    Silbaugh, DA; Ferrer-Tasies, L; Faraudo, J.; Veciana, J.; Ventosa, N.; Korgel, BA
    LANGMUIR Volumen: 33, 50, 14366-14377. DEC 19 2017. DOI 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b03539

  • [110] “Synthesis and characterization of ethylenedithio-MPTTF-PTM radical dyad as a potential neutral radical conductor” M. Souto, D. Bendixen, M. Jensen, J.O. Jeppesen, I. Ratera, C. Rovira, J. Veciana, Magnetochemistry, in press (2017)
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Jaume Veciana's Patents

  • [7] “Stable fluorescent nanovesicles, method for obtaining them and uses thereof”. N. Ventosa, J. Veciana, A. Ardizzone, A. Painelli, S. Kurhuzenkau, C. Sissa. ES P16382392; 08/082016
  • [6] “Compositions and methods of making and uses thereof”. B. Korgel, D. Silabaugh, N. Ventosa, L. Ferrer-Tasies, J. Veciana. US 62299939; 02/25/2016
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  • [4] “Fabrication process of an organic semiconductor film, organic semiconductor film and electronic device containing it”. M. Mas-Torrent, C. Rovira Angulo, J. Veciana Miró, R. Pfattner, F.G. Del Pozo Leon. ES P201430839, 2/6/2014. PCT/ES2015/070427
  • [3] “Vesículas que comprenden factor de crecimiento epidérmico y composiciones que las contienen”. N. Ventosa, J. Veciana, I. Cabrera, Santana Milián, H. Martínez Díaz, E. Berlanga Acosta, J. Amador. CU 2012-0112; 02/08/2012; PCT/CU2013/000004. Licensed to 2/08/2013. Patent extended to 40 countries and licensed to HEBER BioTech (Cuba)
  • [2] “Liposomas funcionalizados útiles para la liberación de compuestos bioactivos”. N. Ventosa, J. Veciana, I. Cabrera, E- Elizondo Saez de Vicuña, M. Melgarejo Diaz, M. Royo Exposito, F. Albericio Palomera, D. Pulido Martinez, S. Sala Verges. ES P201231020; 29/07/2012; PCT/ES2012/070013; Licensed to PRAXIS BIOTECH, S.A.
  • [1] “Interruptor molecular hidrofóbico-hidrofílico, dispositivo que lo contiene y procedimiento para el control de la hidrofobicidad en superficie”. J. Veciana, C. Rovira, M. Mas Torrent, C. Simão, F. Vera. ES P201130164; 08/02/2011; PCT/ES2012/070013.

Jaume Veciana's Projects

Professor Jaume Veciana has participated in numerous research projects:

  • Principal investigator of 40 national projects funded by agencies and public foundations on basic research in functional chemistry, molecular materials and nanoscience.
  • Principal investigator of 25 research contracts financed private companies conducted on or applied research and development of new functional materials and processing of molecular materials and rich polymers
  • Principal investigator of 35 projects funded by international organizations and foreign agencies on basic research and development of new functional materials and molecular nanoscience.

Jaume Veciana's International Projects and Contracts

  • [15] MOBIEU:Between Atom and Cell: Integrating Molecular Biophysics Approaches for Biology and Healthcare. Cost action COST CA15126; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 06/04/2016- 07/03/2020; IP: Imma Ratera
  • [14] MOLSPIN: Molecular Spintronics. Cost action: COST; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 11/04/2016- 12/05/2020; IP: Jaume Veciana; Coordinator: E. Coronado (Universitat de Valencia; Spain).
  • [13] Smart4Fabry: Smart multifunctional GLA-nanoformulation for Fabry disease. H2020-NMBP-2016-HEALTH-720942-2; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 01/01/2017-31/12/2019; IP: Coord. Nora Ventosa
  • [12] LABTEC: Large Area organic devices with Bar-assisted meniscus shearing technology. ERC Proof-of-Concept: H2020-ERC-POC-2014; Comisión Europea, Europeaid; 01/12/2014-30/11/2015; IP: Marta Mas-Torrent
  • [11] Organic sensor based electronic-skin with integrated logic-Raphael Pfattner. TECSPR13-1-0034; ACCIÓ; 01/03/2014-31/02/2016; TECNIOSPRING programme of Dr. Raphael Pfatnner (Standford University; USA); IP: Jaume Veciana
  • [10] ACMOL: Electrical spin manipulation in electroACtive MOLecuIes FET-OPEN Collaborative Project FP7-ICT-2013-C; 618082; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 01/01/2014- 31/12/2016; IP: Nuria Crivillers; Coord. Nuria Crivillers
  • [9] COMMONSENSE: Cost-effective sensors, interoperable with international existing ocean observing systems, to meet EU policies requirements. Collaborative Project FP7-OCEAN-2013-ITN; 614155; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 01/11/2013- 28/02/2017; IP: Jaume Veciana; Coord. Jordi Salat (ICM, Barcelona, Spain)
  • [8] i-Switch: Integrated self-assembled SWITCHable systems and materials: towards responsive organic electronics. A multi-site innovative training action. Marie-Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN; 642196; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 01/01/2015-31/12/2018; IP: Concepció Rovira; Coord. Paolo Samori (Strasbourg University, France)
  • [7] Nano2Fun: Nanochemistry of molecular materials for 2-photon functional applications. Marie-Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN; 607721; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 01/09/2013-31/08/2017; IP: Jaume Veciana; Coord. Anna Painelli (Parma University, Italy)
  • [6] Towards molecular-based devices control and understanding of transport through molecules. Proyecto I-LINK 2013; I-LINK 0841; Agencia financiadora: CSIC; 1/01/2014-31/12/2015; IP: Jaume Veciana
  • [5] SAM-TunEGain: Self Assembled Monolayer Tunnel Junctions Engineering with Eutectic Gallium Indium Tips. Marie-Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IOF; 328412; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 01/03/2013-31/02/2016; MC-IOF (International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF) programme of Dr. Mathieu Gonidec (Harvard University); IP: Jaume Veciana
  • [4] ElectroMAgic: Multifunctional surfaces structured with electroactive and magnetic molecules for electronic and spintronic devices. Marie-Curie Action; FP7-PEOPLE-2011-CIG; 303989; Comisión Europea. Europeaid, 01/12/2012-30/11/2015. Support for training and career development of researcher project of Dr. Nuria Crivillers; IP: Jaume Veciana
  • [3] BERENICE: Benznidazol and triazol research group for nanomedicine and innovation on Chagas diseaseE. FP7-HEALTH-2012-INNOVATION-1; 305937-2; Comisión Europea. Europeaid; 01/09/2012-31/08/2017; IP: Jaume Veciana; Coordinator: Israel Molina (Institut Catalá de La Salut; Hospital Universitari Vall de Hebrón; Spain).
  • [2] DNP: European Network for Hyperpolarization Physics and Methodology in NMR and MRI. 28/10/2011-27/10/2015; Cost action: COST TD1003, Comisión Europea. Europeaid; IP: Jaume Veciana. Coordinator Walter Köckenberger (Nottingham University; England).
  • [1] NANOSTEM: Targeting Combined Therapy to Cancer Stem Cells. 01/01/2010-31/12/2012. European Innovative RTD Projects Proposals in Nanomedicine, EuroNanoMed, Comisión Europea; IP: Nora Ventosa. Coordinator: Simó Schwartz, Hospital Universitari Vall de Hebrón; Spain.

Jaume Veciana's National Projects and Contracts

  • [18] FEDER Nanbiosis. Convenio entre el CSIC y el Ministerio Economia, Industria y Competividad para el proyecto compra e instalación y puesta a punto de equipamiento y laboratorios de producción. NANBIOSIS-U2,4,6 Y 8. Mineco. Fondos FEDER. POCInt 2014-2020. Convenio OTR03323. 20/09/2017-31/12/2018.
  • [17] FONBIO. Fluorescent organic nanoparticles for bioimaging. ACCIÓ. TECSPR17-1-0035. 16/6/2018-15/6/2020.
  • [16] MAGIC. Magnetically induced drug release from quatsomes. ACCIÓ. TECSPR16-1-0055. 16/09/2017-15/09/2019.
  • [15] NANO4DERM: Nanocápsulas conteniendo activos para el tratamiento tópico de enfermedades dermatológicas.  Proyecto Retos-Colaboración 2014; RTC-2016-4567-1; MINECO; 01/01/2016-31/12/2019; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinador: ALMIRALL, S.A.
  • [14] UNDERLIPIDS: Solid lipidic nanoparticles for the subcutaneous administration of antitumoral marine compounds. Proyecto Retos-Colaboración 2014; RTC-2015-3303-1; MINECO; 01/01/2015-31/12/2018; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinador: PHARMAMAR, S.A.
  • [13] LIPOCELL: Functionalized nanoliposomes for the development of therapies for intracellular-based diseases. Application to Fabry disease and homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. CIBER-BBN/PRAXIS; 01/12/2014 - 31/12/2015; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinador: PRAXIS, S.A.
  • [12] NANONAFRES: Preclinic and clinic studies of application to nanovesicles (quatsomes) with EGF in venous ulcers. RIS3CAT; EU H2020/Generalitat de Catalunya; 15/10/2016-14/09/2019; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinator: Leitat
  • [11] MOTHER: Materiales Moleculares y Organizaciones Supramoleculares para Terapia, Diagnosis e Ingeniería Tisular. MAT2016-80826-R; MINECO; 01/01/2017-31/12/2019; IPs: Jaume Veciana and Nora Ventosa
  • [10] Auto-ensamblaje, nanoestructuración y procesamiento de moléculas orgánicas funcionales. Proyecto Intramural; 201260E080; CSIC; 01/10/2012-30/09/2016; IP: Jaume Veciana
  • [9] DYNAMO VASC: Ingeniería de Vasos Celulares en Superficie Utilizando Biointerfases Moleculares Dinámicas. Proyecto EXPLORA; MAT2013-50036-EXP; MINECO; 01/09/2014-31/08/2016; IP: Imma Ratera
  • [8] TERARMET: Desarrollo de terapias para el tratamiento de enferemedades raras metabólicas congénitas. Proyecto Retos-Colaboración 2014; RTC-2014-2207-1; MINECO; 28/01/2014-31/12/2017; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinador: PRAXIS, S.A.
  • [7] QUAT4FRAG: Aplicación de la tecnología de Quatsomes para el desarrollo de una nueva gama de suavizantes perfumados con menor impacto medioambiental. Proyecto Retos-Colaboración 2014; RTC-2014-2183-S; MINECO; 01/01/2014-31/12/2017; PI: Jaume Veciana; Coordinator: CARINSA, S.A.
  • [6] NANOMOL: Grup de Recerca Consolidat: Nanociència Molecular i Materials Orgànics.  2014 SGR 17; Generalitat de Catalunya; 01/01/2014-31/12/2016; IP: Jaume Veciana
  • [5] BE WELL: Materiales moleculares bio- y electro-activos para la mejora de la salud y el bienestar social. CTQ2013-40480-R; MINECO; 01/01/2014-31/12/2016; IPs: Jaume Veciana and Concepcio Rovira
  • [4] DENDRIA. Proyecto CENIT; CDTI; 1/06/2010-30-06- 2013; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinator: NOSCIRA
  • [3] VITILIGO. Proyecto INNPACTO; IPT-010000-2010-22; MICINN; 1/01/2010-31/12/2012; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinator: 3P BIOPHARMACEUTICALS SL.
  • [2] ORALBEADS: Desarrollo de dispersiones sólidas micro/nanoestructuradas para administración oral de compuestos marinos antitumorales. Proyecto INNPACTO; IPT-2011-0754-900000: MICINN; 1/01/2011-31/12/2014; IP: Nora Ventosa; Coordinator: PHARMA MAR, S.A.
  • [1] NANOFABRY: Development of nanomedicines for enzymatic replacement therapy in Fabry Disease.  La Marató TV3; 1/01/2011-31/12/2014; IP: Jaume Veciana / Nora Ventosa; Coordinator: Simó Schwartz, Hospital Universitari Vall de Hebrón; Spain.

Molecular electronics

Jaume Veciana's Research Interests

Molecular electronics

We can divide our work in this field in the following three sub-areas:

Unimolecular Electronics and Molecular Spintronics

 Molecular electronics 3  Molecular electronics 2


The fabrication of electronic devices based on molecules as active components are considered an approach that would enable to reaching the maxima limits of miniaturization; i.e. the molecule with sizes around 10 Å. We are working on the synthesis of novel redox- and magnetically-active molecules with the appropriate electronic and chemical structures to be integrated in molecular junctions, i.e. between two/three electrodes. Our endeavour is to assess the performance of the molecular junctions based on either self-assembled monolayers or single-molecules. Further, we are working on the emerging field of organic spintronics that aims at exploiting not only the charge transport but also the spin of the electrons in these junctions with the ultimate goal to develop memory devices, like qubits.

Molecular and Supramolecular Switches



Bistable molecules that can be externally switched between two (or more states) with different properties are candidate systems as active elements in information storage devices. To move towards applications it is imperative to immobilize and organize these molecules in solid supports or in crystals exhibiting such bistabilities. Thus, we are obtaining and studying organic D–A dyad and the associated bistability phenomenon in solution and solid state when an external stimulus (i.e. T, P or light) is applied forming the zwitterionic state with different physical properties. We are also working on the preparation of hybrid surfaces that consist of inorganic –ITO, Au, etc- conducting supports functionalized with a chemically bonded self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of electroactive molecules with two (or more) stable redox states. By the application of an electrical input, the molecular states are switched and accordingly the optical, magnetic or electrical response of the hybrid surfaces is modified which can be exploited as readable outputs.

E-skin Devices based on Conducting Nanocomposite Thin-films


 E skin1  E skin2

E-skin devices based on conducting polymeric nanocomposite thin-films able to respond with an ultra-high sensitivity to temperature changes and tiny deformations as well as to the NIR impinging radiation are developed. The progress of such pyro- and piezo-resistive thin-films are made considering a holistic perspective including: design and synthesis of new molecules and their derived conducting ion-radical organic salts, determination of the structure and electronic properties of such ion-radical salts, their integration into nanocomposite thin-films as nanocrystals, the device fabrication and integration of the devices. Applications of such E-skin devices for biomedical applications as sensors for human constants -blood pressure, intraocular pressure, temperature, etc- are pursued.

Molecular nanomedicine

Jaume Veciana's Research Interests


Our activities in this broad field are focused in two different sub-areas:

Multifunctional Nanovesicles for Theranosis Applications
Research interests are focused in therapy and diagnosis applications of self-assembled supramolecular nano-objects, like vesicles, prepared by techniques based on compressed fluids. Activities addressed to therapy with such a nano-objects are two-fold. On one side we are interested in the development of novel kinds of nanovesicles, like quatsomes, or conventional liposomes to prepare multifunctional, targeted nanoconjugates for drug delivery. This research has led to novel nanomedicine candidates for the treatment of lysosomal deficient diseases, like Fabry and SanFilippo using enzymatic replacement therapies, and for curing diabetic feet ulcers and complex ulcers. Inside diagnosis applications several activities are currently in progress based mainly on the incorporation of fluorescent dyes or magnetic molecules (radicals or polyradicals) into nanovesicles for bioimaging purposes using optical (2PA and Fluorescence) and magnetic (MRI and DNP) techniques. Development of novel magnetic organic molecules, like radicals and polyradicals, as DNP polarizing agents and magnetic contrast agents are also investigated. Furthermore, the capability of nanovescicles to encapsulate/integrate two or more bioactive molecules together with fluorescent/magnetic probes enable their use for theranosis.
Nanovesicles1 Nanovesicles2

Molecular Materials for Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapies
 Tissue engineering1  Tissue engineering2
Another line of research is addressed in the use of bioactive surfaces based on molecules, bistable supramolecular materials, polymers and in microfluidics for tissue engineering and cell therapy applications. One of the most attractive objectives pursued is to trigger the organization on surfaces of growth factors in a biomimetic way to understand and control the biochemical signals that direct cellular behavior towards vascular repair therapies and to generate vascular tissues. Inside therapy applications very recently a new line of research has been initiated which is addressed to the use of responsive molecule-based 2D and 3D scaffolds for T cell activation in Cancer Immunotherapy.