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Since its inception Nanomol research group led by Prof. Jaume Veciana, has been aware of the importance of multidisciplinary of cutting edge scientific research and has taken an active part in their achievement through participation in various research networks, platforms and technology transfer, as well as in multidisciplinary projects both Catalan and Spanish and international.

Nanomol has extensive experience not only in the management and implementation of R&D regional and state but also in the development and organization of projects (38) international European level (belonging to 6th and 7th Framework Programmes) and bilateral research projects with third countries such as Japan, Italy, USA, Cuba and France. Possibly the most important, because of its size and success, research projects are:

  1. "Nanoscale Integrated Processing of self-organizing Multifunctional Organic Materials" (Naim 2004-2008) belonging to the 6th EU framework program and consists of 21 partners from different European countries and more than 14 M € of European economic contribution total.
  2. "Organic Nanomaterials for Electronics and Photonics" (ONE-P 2009-2011) funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union with a total of over € 18 million and is made up of 28 partners from different European countries.

Both are related to the field of plastic electronics research, based on the use of organic materials for the manufacture of electronic devices and systems pointers and high value added and high market potential.

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