• Award by the RSEQ (Real Sociedad Española de Química) with the Sigma - Aldrich Award to Young Researchers to Dra. Nuria Crivillers.
  • Award of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry 2013 to Prof. Concepció Rovira as Distinguished Women in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering: "Woman in the Interdisciplinary Field of Molecular Electronics".
  • Award to Dr. Marta Mas-Torrent with an ERC Starting Grant by the project entitled "Surface Self-assembled Molecular Electronic Devices: Logic Gates and Sensors Memories (e-GAMES)."
  • Award NanoMatMol 2012 at the doctoral thesis of Claudia Custodia Delgado Simao.
  • Award Expoquimia 2011 R+D+I: Special mention for NANOMOL TECHNOLOGIES SA and its technological platform
  • Award to the best scientific contribution to Dr. Elena Laukhina at the international congress SENSORDEVICES 2010.
  • Award "BASF 2009t Academic-Industry" to the best project in the field of Chemical Engineering to Alba Córdoba.
  • Award to the best business research project 2010 "Sabadell Ciutat Emprenedora" to NANOMOL TECHNOLOGIES.
  • Award of "La Societat Catalana de Química 2010" to Judit Guasch and award  of "La Societat Catalana de Tecnologia 2010" to Alba Córdoba.
  • "Lectureship Giacomo Ciamician - Antonio González" 2009 to Concepció Rovira.
  • Chair of technology and knowledge transfer "PARC DE RECERCA UAB-SANTANDER" 2009 to Nora Ventosa.
  • Prize at the Most Original Work presented at European Materials Research Society 2008 (Session Q) by Marta Mas-Torrent.
  • Prize of Young Researcher 2006  of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) to Marta Mas-Torrent.
  • "XV Premio DuPont de la Ciencia 2005" to Jaume Veciana.
  • "Premio de Investigación 2004 de la Real Sociedad Española de Química y Medalla de la FEIQUE 2004" to Jaume Veciana.
  • "XV Premio SOLVAY a la Investigación en Ciencias Químicas 2001" to Jaume Veciana.
  • "Premio a la Investigación de la Fundación Domingo Martínez”, 1995/1996 to Jaume Veciana  and 2001/2002 to Nora Ventosa.
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