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NANOMOL makes a valuable contribution to the advancement of knowdedge in the field of molecular nanoscience and organic functional materials. The multidisciplinary research we carry out is aimed at the self-assembly, nanostructuring and processing of functional (bio- and electro-active) molecules as crystals, particles, vesicles, and structured or self-assembled monolayers on various substrates showing non-conventional chemical, physical and biological properties. We use several methodologies for such a processing but a special emphasis is made with supercritical fluids. The resulting molecular organizations/systems are studied and used in the fields of molecular and large-area electronics, molecular magnetism, nanomedicine and biomaterials as well as for environmental applications.

Our present research lines are:


Molecular magnetism

NANOMOL, as a specialist in the design, synthesis and characterization of organic multifunctional materials, has been strongly involved on Molecular Magnetism since 1985 making several relevant discoveries. Our current research is mainly focused on the exploitation of multifunctional stable organic open-shell molecules -radicals and radical-ions.

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Unimolecular electronics

We have strong expertise in the design, synthesis and characterization of novel electroactive systems based on the use of multifunctional organic molecules (i.e. stable organic radicals, TTF derivatives, etc). We are focused on the electronic properties of these molecules as wires, switches or rectifiers in solution and also when they are immobilised as SAMs.

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Large areaTOC  

Large area electronics

NANOMOL is highly involved in the field of large area organic electronics (OLAE) which is raising great interest due to the potential that organic materials offer to fabricate low-cost and flexible devices. We are engrossed not only in gaining an insight into fundamental aspects that take place in these materials, but also with the view of developing novel practical devices.

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Green processing of molecular materials with compressed fluids

Over recent years, new precipitation/crystallization/encapsulation processes have been developed by using as solvent media compressed or supercritical fluids (rather than conventional solvents), the most common of which is CO2 in its pure state, or mixed with other organic solvents.

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Nanomedicine & biomaterials 

In NANOMOL we have strong expertise in the design of efficient methodologies to prepare Nanoparticulate materials (i.e. polymer particles, nanocapsules, vesicles, polymer-drug conjugates, micelles) to be used in new drug delivery systems with tailored properties, including biocompatibility, size, structure, addresability, and functionality.

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