Technology offer

technology offer

Here at NANOMOL we generate knowledge and proactively search for ways of transferring it to different industrial sectors:

  • PHARMACEUTICAL or BIOTECH companies willing to improve bioavailability, clinical effectiveness and selectivity of their active molecules, through formulations and drug delivery systems based on micro and nanoparticulate solids, nanosuspensions, and nanovesicles/nanoliposomes.
  • CHEMICAL or COSMETIC companies requiring powder, dispersion or emulsion formulations.
  • MEDICINE, TEXTILES, ELECTRONICS, ROBOTICS, CAR MANUFACTURING and AERONAUTICS based companies who wish to introduce smart materials such as our flexible conductive film with high-performance for pressure, strain, deformation or temperature changes sensing.

Our present technology offers are:


Plastic electronic sensors

NANOMOL has developed and patented a new family of plastic electronic devices acting as pressure, strain, deformation and/or temperature sensors for a wide range of applications.

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Surfaces with tunable wettability 

NANOMOL researchers have designed and synthesised a novel electroactive organic radical with commutable bistable redox states and then functionalized it on surfaces to provide this electric commutability and physico-chemical properties to the surface.

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Materials for nanomedicine and drug delivery

NANOMOL researchers have worked to develop and apply new technologies based on the use of compressed fluids or supercritical fluids for preparing micro and nanoparticulate materials in one single process phase step.

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