Concepció Rovira's Research Interests

Molecular Switches




As active elements in information storage devices we use multistable molecules that can be externally switched between two (or more states) with different properties. To move towards applications we immobilize and organize these molecules in solid supports or in crystals. We are working on the preparation of hybrid surfaces that consist of inorganic –ITO, Au, etc- conducting supports functionalized with a chemically bonded self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of electroactive molecules with two (or more) stable redox states. By the application of an electrical input, the molecular states are switched and accordingly the optical, magnetic or electrical response of the hybrid surfaces is modified which can be exploited as readable outputs. We are also studying organic Donor–Acceptor dyads and the associated bistability phenomenon in solution and solid state when an external stimulus (i.e. T, P or light) is applied forming the zwitterionic state with different physical properties.