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Nanomol congratulates Dr. Francesc Bejarano on the obtainment of his PhD

Dr. Francesc Bejarano obtained his PhD on 26th october with his thesis entitled "Molecular conductors and switches for electronics: in solution and on surface studies", supervised by Dr. Núria Crivillers Clusella and Prof. Concepció Rovira Angulo.
This thesis deals with the preparation, characterization and study of new electro-active molecules with appealing properties for Molecular Electronics. On the one hand, the study of molecular conductors has been accomplished by two strategies: in solution, employing mixed-valence compounds based on polyyne molecular wires, and on surface, by the formation of molecular junctions based on the perchlorotriphenylmethyl radical and the carbon triple bond as anchoring group. On the other hand, two new molecular switches, a stilbenoid system (photochromic) and a PTM radical (redox-active) have been studied forming a molecular monolayer on conductive substrates (Au for the former, Si for the latter), showing promising features as conductance and capacitance switches respectively.