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Nanomol researchers obtain funding from La Marató TV3 for a project on infectious diseases

Nanomol group has obtained funding from La Marató (TV3) for a project on infectious diseases. The project is entitled "Prevention of infections related to vascular catheters by means of the functionalization of catheters impregnated with thermally switchable hydrogels with broad spectrum antimicrobials (FUNCATH)" and is coordinated by the medical doctor Oriol Gasch from Parc Taulí. The contribution of the Nanomol group is lead by Dr. Imma Ratera.

Hydrogels will have two missions: firstly, they will act as a 3D matrix, to support the active biomolecules, specifically the cationic peptides (PC), with bactericidal activity against most of the bacteria involved in nosocomial infections and, secondly, as protection against the degradation of the cationic peptides (PC), until the medical device is used. This latter will be possible thanks to the thermosensitive nature of the hydrogel, which will only expose the peptides after the activation, after being in contact with the body temperature. With heat, the degratation of the hydrogel will be activated, and this will allow the exposure of the active biomolecules.