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New production technologies of particulate materials for drug delivery


Over the last ten years, NANOMOL researchers have worked to develop and apply new technologies based on the use of compressed fluids or supercritical fluids for preparing micro and nanoparticulate materials in one single process phase step. Compressed fluids or supercritical fluids are classified as green solvents and are being proposed as alternative solvents in many manufacturing processes. The technologies developed by NANOMOL allow the production of materials with high added value in the form of powders, dispersion or emulsion, with beneficial properties in terms of administration and application.

For example they allow the direct preparation of different types of particulate materials with different structures and application in drug delivery systems, such as:

  • pure solid particulate materials for formulations in the form of aerosols, tablets or water-stable suspensions.
  • composite solid particulate materials for the controlled release of an active molecule in a formulation in tablet or stable suspension form.
  • liposomes as a means of encapsulating and transporting active molecules in liquid formulations or topical creams.

These high-pressure technologies with compressed fluids are robust, reproducible and scalable. They reduce the use of organic solvents (substituted by dense gases such as liquid or supercritical CO2), and are capable of effectively modulating the micro and nanoscopic characteristics of the material.

They also represent a reduction in energy cost, due to the fact that they are single stage processes.