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Imma Ratera's lab. Biomaterials and molecular electronics


rateraDra. Imma Ratera


perezDr. Eduardo Pérez 


MarcMarc Martínez
Nerea fotoNerea González
xavi2Xavier Rodríguez 

Fabiao SantosFabiao santos 



Roberto Matinez SolerRoberto Martínez Soler

Former Students:

PhD students:

  • Adriana Kyvik

 Master students:

  • Jara arcas
  • Emilia Schneider
  • Julia Valderas
  • Hanna Reijneveld


Imma Ratera's Lab

Our research interests are focused on the design and synthesis of novel multifunctional organic electroactive molecules (tetrathiafulvalene derivatives, ferrocenes, stable radicals, quinones, etc..) and their molecular and supramolecular chemistry for their applications in molecular electronics and biology. Specifically, we are interested in the properties of these molecules once nanostructured as self assembled monolayer (SAM), organic nanoparticle (ONP) or hydrogels towards applications in different fields such as molecular electronics optoelectronics or as biomaterials for diagnosis, tissue engineering or cell therapy. Here we describe briefly some of the lines that we are currently involved.

Latest news:

The European Researchers’ Night, since its firs edition in 2005, brings science, technology and researchers closer to the general public on the last Friday of September. The ICMAB participated in this year's edition with talks, workshops and a dramatised lecture at the event organized at CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona, and in the CSIC "Residència d'Investigadors". 
The "Welcome to the Nanoworld" event at the Hypatia Area, in which many research centers participated, counted with a workshop on "Sferifications and Encapsulaton" by the NANOMOL group (Imma Ratera's Lab). The visitors could see the applications of nanotechnology on nanomedicine, especially the nanocapsules used for drug delivery, and the hydrogel applications for cancer immunotherapy.